Man könnte sie als "Spezialistin des Besonderen" apostrophieren, und das Besondere siedelt in vielen Perioden und Musikkulturen.

(Hans-Klaus Jungheinrich)

Angelika Nebel

Angelika Nebel, born in Berlin, she studied at the colleges of music in Stuttgart and Hannover, where she was educated by the famous teachers Jürgen Uhde and Hans Leygraf and finished her studies with the concert examination. Her repertory includes pieces of solo-, chamber music and Orchestra music from the 18th to the 21th century, which she presented as a guest at several festivals: Rheingau Music Festival 2015, Alte Oper Frankfurt, Schumann-Festival Düsseldorf, Semperoper Dresden, 52. Bad Hersfelder Festspielkonzerte, Darmstädter Tage for contemporary music and monastery San Domenic, Pistoia, Italy.

Angelika Nebel gave concerts in different European countries as well as in South-Korea. Furthermore she worked with numerous radio stations: WDR, SWR, HR, NDR, SFB, Radio Bremen, Radio Zürich, the Swedish and Spanish Broadcasting and the ZDF: Live-recordings at the SWR Karlsruhe and for the Berlin Broadcasting.

1995 Angelika Nebel was appointed as Professor at the Robert Schumann College in Düsseldorf.

The following CDs were published by Angelika Nebel:

2000 CD Pieces of Joseph Haydn, Johannes Brahms, Olivier Messiaen and Christóbal Halffter
2001 Double CD 8 sonatas of Joseph Haydn
2002 CD 12 sonatas of Antonio Soler
2005 Clara Schumann-CD
2006 CD with compositions from Robert Schumann, including several first editions ("record of the year", recommended by G.R. Koch in the FAZ)
2009 Bach-Transkriptionen - Neue und wiederentdeckte Annäherungen an
J.S. Bach ("Diese CD darf auf der einsamen Insel nicht fehlen!", FONO FORUM)
2013 Bach Metamorphosis - Transcriptions by W. Braunfels, C. Tausig, R. Vaughan Williams and others
Klassik-Heute, 24th June 2013
Fono Forum, May 2013, May 2013

Angelika Nebel is member of the following associations:

Neue Bachgesellschaft e.V. Leipzig
Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Gesellschaft Wiesbaden e.V.
Brahms-Gesellschaft Baden-Baden e.V.
Robert-Schumann-Gesellschaft e.V. Düsseldorf
Frankfurter Tonkünstlerbund